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  • April 10, 2006 - Multidisciplinary team at UIUC wins grant for use of biosensor technology to study potential drugs for Parkinson's disease and cancer.

    The National Cancer Institute of the NIH awarded a 3-year grant to Prof. Brian Cunningham of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and Prof. Paul Hergenrother of the Chemistry Department at the University of Illinois for a project entitled “Label-Free, High-Throughput Small Molecule Screening Using Photonic Crystal Technology:  Application to the Apoptotic Pathway.”  The project will involve application of photonic crystal biosensor technology to determination of potential therapeutic drug compounds that have the ability to interact with key biochemical pathways involved in Parkinson’s disease and cancer.  A chemical compound library with >20,000 potential drug compounds will be screened, representing the largest label-free biosensor screening experiment ever attempted.  The methods developed under the grant will be applied broadly to even larger chemical compound libraries in the future.