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  • July 1 , 2008 - Photonic Crystal Biosensors on Cover of ACS Chemical Biology Journal

    In the July 2008 issue of the American Chemical Society journal Chemical Biology, a "morphed" photo of a 384-well photonic crystal biosensor microplate is featured on the front cover (image on the right side of this page). Inside the journal itself is a paper entitled "A General Method for Discovering Inhibitors of Protein-DNA Interactions Using Photonic Crystal Biosenosors," by Leo L. Chan, Maria Pineda, James T. Heeres, Paul J. Hergenrother, adn Brian T. Cunningham. The research project is a collaboration between the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Illinois in which the team is using biosensor technology as a tool for finding chemical compounds that can interact with a key biochemical pathway that leads to Parkinson's Disease.