Nano Sensors Group | Illinois


William Goldshlag William

Research Interests

My general research interests span the fields of biomedical MEMS and optical MEMS sensors. Currently, I am involved in two research projects: distributed feedback laser biosensors and discrete wavelength FTIR.

The first project investigates optically excitable lasing surfaces for high-throughput label-free detection of biomolecules. Such active optical biosensors, the first of their kind, are easy to use and inexpensive, yet possess high enough resolution - quality factors on the order of tens of thousands - to allow pharmaceutical researchers to effectively investigate the medicinal properties of small or unstainable chemical compounds and ultimately design new drugs.

The discrete wavelength FTIR project focuses on development of cost-effective instrumentation for histopathologic tissue recognition. In particular, the project aims to replace expensive tunable lasers used for collecting spectral response data of biopsy samples with sets of narrow-band filters and a broadband light source.


B.S. in EECS, 2005, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA