Funded research


Years Brief Title or Description Source of Funds
2004-2011 Optical biosensors SRU Biosystems
2004-2007 Photonic crystal biosensors NSF
2005-2008 Tunable wavelength laser visor Army
2005-2010 Integration of photonic crystal sensors with nanofluid flow channels NSF Nano-CEMMS Center
2006-2008 Nanofibrous scaffolds for cartilage engineering Beckman Institute
2006-2008 Label-free, high-throughput small molecule screening using photonic crystal technology: Application to the apoptotic pathway NIH
2006-2009 Soybean rust biosensor Soybean Disease Biotechnology Center
2006-2009 Pioneering bionanosensing systems for use as a decision support tool for soybean rust management USDA-CSREES
2007 3M Nontenured Faculty Grant 3M
2008-2010 Photonic crystal enhanced fluorescence NSF
2008 Optical nanofilters-based spectroscopic imaging for prostate histopathology Siteman Center, Grainger Foundation
2009-2011 Photonic crystal surfaces for label-free detection and fluorescence amplification NIH
2008-2011 Micro and nano-mediated 3D cardiac tissue engineering USAMMRD
2009-2011 Acquisition of a step-and-flash nanoimprint lithography system NSF MRI
2010 Incorporation of quantum dots within plastic photonic crystals for efficiency enhancement BAE Systems
2010-2013 In-Line label-free fluid diagnostics using photonic resonators NSF
2009-2011 Photonic Crystal Surfaces for Label-Free Detection and Fluorescence Amplification: Application to Protein Microarrays NIH ARRA
2010-2014 Development of practical mid-infrared spectroscopic imaging technology for cancer NIH
2010-2012 Development of distributed feedback laser biosensor technology as a high resolution biomolecular screening tool NIH
2010-2015 High throughput small molecule screening using photonic crystal technology: Application to the apoptotic pathway NIH-NIGMS
2011-2014 External cavity laser biosensor for label-free and enhanced fluorescence detection NSF
2011-2014 Photonic crystal enhanced microscopy for characterization of cell attachment NSF
2013-2016 Multimode smartphone biosensor NSF
2013-2017 Photonic crystal enhanced fluorescence: Development of sensors structures and detection instrumentation for multiplexed biomarker detection NIH-NCI
2012 SERS nanodomes for drug detection in biomedical tubing Baxter
2013-2018 Rapid disease diagnostics using photonic crystal enhanced antigen biomarker microarrays NIH
2014-2017 Lab in a smartphone NSF
2014-2017 CIF21 DIBBs: T2-C2: Timely and Trusted Curator and Coordinator Data Building Blocks NSF
2015-2018 Multiresonator photonic crystal enhanced fluorescence and SERS NSF
2015-2018 Label-free interrogation of heterogeneities in HSC fate decision signatures NIH
2017-2021 Portable diagnostic for HIV viral load monitoring using photonic crystal biosensors NIH
2016-2017 Smartphone Thin Layer Chromatography Management Sciences for Health
2016-2017 Personalized multiplexed molecular diagnostics for point of care setting Massachusetts General Hospital
2016-2017 Single molecule mRNA detection of prostate cancer biomarkers Mayo Clinic
2015-2019 Pathtracker: A smartphone-based system for mobile infectious disease detection and epidemiology NSF
2011-2016 Transformative electronic materials Dow Chemical Company
2011-2016 NSF Industry/University Cooperative Research Center: Center for Agricultural, Biomedical, and Pharmaceutical Nanotechnology (CABPN) NSF
2018-2023 Daily quantification of cancer-associated exosomal miRNA in patient blood by photonic crystal-enhanced quantum dot emission NIH-NCI
2018-2020 A fever diagnostic panel using multiplexed smartphone spectroscopy and a simplified platform for rapid sandwich immunoassay NIH-NIAID
2019-2023 Photonic resonator hybrids for ultrasensitive biosensing NSF
2019-2022 PFI-TT: Clip-on smartphone biosensor for mobile health NSF
2019-2022 Multiplexing Activate Capture + Digital Counting (AC+DC) Assay Technology Kleinmuntz Center
2019-2023 Smartphone-linked system for diagnosis and epidemiological reporting of pathogens at the point of care NIH-NIAID
2020-2021 A rapid and ultrasensitive technology for sensing intact SARS-CoV-2 using designer DNA nanostructure capture probes and photonic resonator interference scattering microscopy NSF-RAPID
2020-2024 Exosome separation and digital resolution detection of blood-based nucleic acid biomarkers for noninvasive therapeutic diagnostics in cancer NIH-NIBIB/NCI
2020 A single-step 10-minute point of care COVID-19 diagnostic test using Activate Cleave & Count (ACC) technology JUMP-ARCHES
2020-2025 Zhejiang University+Illinois Center for Pathogen Diagnostics DREMES
2020-2025 Lateral flow assay for multiplexed detection of SARS-CoV-2 RNA and antigens in point-of-care settings NSF
2020-2022 Detection and automatic privacy-protected contact tracing system designed for COVID-19 NIH RadxRad