Digital Diagnostics Review Paper in Lab on a Chip

The Nanosensors Group from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign published a Critical Review for the journal Lab on a Chip, entitled “Digital Resolution Biomolecular Sensing for Diagnostics and Life Science Research.”  The co-authors of the paper are Qinglan Huang, Nantao Li, Hanyuan Zhang, Congyu Che, Fu Sun, Yanyu Zhang, Taylor Canady,  and Brian Cunningham.  The paper reviews an important and very challenging frontier of the field of biosensing, where novel technologies are demonstrating the ability to digitally count molecules with single-unit precision. Through the use of enzymatic chemical reactions, nanoparticle tags, ultra-sensitive transducers, multiplexing detection instruments, and novel biochemistry, the reviewed technologies are finding applications in life science research, drug discovery, and diagnostics.

The paper can be found on the Nanosensors Group “Publications” page, and at the Lab on a Chip web site:!divAbstract